Why invest in Montenegro

Why to invest in montenegro

Golden Group Company emphasize reasons why to invest in our contry? Montenegro is an open economy,
devoted to the improvement of business environment with the knowledge and the capital of the people whowant to invest in the country.
We have already proved that we can be a good partner to the credible foreign private or corporate parties. We recognize following :

  •  Dynamic economic growth and development
  • Multi-ethnic harmony and political stability
  • Strategic geographic position, with exit to the sea
  • Qualified human resources
  • Favorable tax climate (corporate tax 9%)
  • Pro-business Government
  • Treatment of foreign and domestic investors on the same basis
  • Hub for regional business
  • Easy business start-up
  • Young population with multilingual talent

Besides tourism, we are strongly presenting our potentials in agriculture, infrastructure and renewable energy.
Government of Montenegro is very eager to attract foreign investments. e same treatment is given to the domestic and foreign investors.
Facts and figures:

Facts and figures:
AreaCoastlineThe Highest Peak 
PopulationBeachesAverage Annual Temperature (Podgorica)
Euro723 Eur81/178 (2016)
CurrencyAverage WageEconomic Freedom Index
2,287 billion (IIIQ 2016)5.472 Eur2,4%
GDPGDP per capitaReal GDP Growth rate
640 million Eur-0,2 (2016)17% (III quarter 2016)
FDI (2016)InflationUnemployment rate