Recognizing that Montenegro has a huge investment potential, a team of local and international experts has formed Golden Group aiming, as a local partner, to present, advise and assist investors in selecting and implementing investments in Montenegro. As a local partner we generate a lot of market data and a range of business and security environments in order to advise an investor in a transparent and independent manner, as well as to make together the best decision. Knowing the challenges carried by investing in international markets Golden Group informs its clients objectively about the potentials and possibilities and indicates the risks and finally develops solution that benefits our clients in achieving their business goals in Montenegro.


After detail analysis Golden Group is capable to IDENTIFY PROJECT WITH POTENTIAL,

SUPERVISE and ORGANIZE everyone in order to keep project on schedule.

Golden Group monitors and analyzes the investment environment in Montenegro and the region. Golden Group helps its client at early stage to create an investment image through objective analysis relating to:
  • Political, economic and security situation in the country
  • History of the markets
  • Successful and unsuccessful examples of private investments especially in tourism and real estate as well as in other areas
  • Infrastructure investments implemented by the state as per sectors and geographies
  • Presentation of the laws, regulations and procedures in various fields

Golden Group generates market information on a daily basis and compares and presents them to partners in order to maximize value and achieve their best financial goals. 

Golden Group for and on behalf of investors:

  • Identifies  potential projects on the market
  • Identifies projects owned by the state, which can be valorized through public-private partnerships
  • Carries out research services
  • Prepares evaluation and analysis of  investment projects  through detailed  financial modeling
  • Prepares feasibility studies
  • Defines strategic solution
  • Manages the execution of transactions.

Development and Project Management in the right direction from the very beginning requires a very important communication with state and local institutions in order to meet the planned objectives of the project in the best way. Golden Group has the capabilities and experience to carry out this communication and cooperation in an efficient and transparent manner. Our team can guide, coordinate and supervise project through:

  • Pre transaction due dilingence     
  • Conceptual and detail design
  • Cost consultancy and control
  • Risk management
  • Negotiation with contractors and suppliers
  • Monitoring dynamics of construction

All phases are monitored in close cooperation with the investor in order to organize everything to keep project on schedule.


 Golden Group aims to create a project together with you where we will use outstanding local knowledge and investor’s expertise and experience  in order to create together a sustainable project and to implement international standards and to preserve the local identity.