Renewable energy projects

Montenegro has a climate with more than 240 sunny days and therefore has ideal prerequisites for investments in renewable energy projects.

Since 2022, part of our team dealing with Renewable Energy projects.
The Government of Montenegro gave us Urban Technical Conditions for two solar plants at the end of last year:

• SE1 with a projected annual production of 308.692MWh
• SE2 with a projected annual production of 17.600MWh

SE1 is located in the northwest of Montenegro at an altitude of around 1450m, with an available land area of 275ha. SE2 is located close to Podgorica at an altitude of around 350m, with 19ha of available land area.

The Montenegrin Government’s focus in the previous period was on developing an environment that would encourage investors to invest in renewable sources of electricity, and the result was the investment of renowned European investors in renewable energy sources.