MFIC published the White Book

Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council (MFIC) has published the 12th edition of the White Book, their key document, in which foreign investors, based on their perception, view the business environment and point out the main challenges they face in Montenegro.

From the beginning, the White Book aims to improve the business environment and ensure all the required preconditions to attract foreign investors and enable their operations of high quality. One of the priority goals is to use the White Book to give the essential guidelines to help decision-makers create practices and mechanisms that will facilitate operations, strengthen the economy and encourage the creation of sustainable business models. So, the value of the White Book is such that it provides an overview of the most relevant experience of foreign investors and recommendations from international reports, including desirable practices.

The MFIC Index of ease of doing business for 2022 was calculated at 6.7, and compared to the 2021 result, there is a decrease of 0.3. The decrease in the ease of doing business index results from the barriers identified by foreign investors, primarily instability and unpredictability of the business environment. The pandemic year has shown even more all the weaknesses of the economy and the necessity of systemic reforms we pointed out continuously. The changes in line with international standards and sincere dedication to their implementation by the decision-makers must be an absolute priority for further action.

Tamas Kamarasi, President of the MFIC, said that stabilizing the political situation will bring closer and more intense communication and cooperation with the Government and public administration to create preconditions for successfully addressing and solving these issues. This kind of cooperation would reinforce and accelerate the reform processes in Montenegro toward its road to EU membership.

White Book you can find HERE